Impeller Kit

Impeller Kit
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Part Number:  3593573
Brand:  Volvo Penta



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Type: Genuine

Brand: Volvo Penta

Part Number: 3593573
This part number supersedes to 3819486.

Description: Impeller Kit

Sold Individually

Impeller Dimensions:

  • No. Blades: 8
  • Internal Diameter: 14.29mm (spline)
  • External Diameter: 65.20mm
  • Depth: 75.65mm


Volvo Penta D6 engines

  • D6-280A-A, D6-280A-B, D6-280A-C, D6-280A-D, D6-280A-E, D6-280I-A, D6-280I-B, D6-280I-C, D6-280I-D, D6-280I-E,
  • D6-310I-A, D6-310A-A, D6-310A-B, D6-310A-C, D6-310A-D, D6-310D-B, D6-310D-C, D6-310D-D, D6-310I-B, D6-310I-C, D6-310I-D, D6-310A-E, D6-310D-E, D6-310I-E,
  • D6-330A-B, D6-330A-C, D6-330A-D, D6-330D-B, D6-330D-C, D6-330D-D, D6-330I-B, D6-330I-C, D6-330I-D, D6-330A-E, D6-330D-E, D6-330I-E,
  • D6-350A-A, D6-350A-B,
  • D6-370A-B, D6-370A-C, D6-370A-D, D6-370D-B, D6-370D-C, D6-370D-D, D6-370I-A, D6-370I-B, D6-370I-C, D6-370I-D, D6-370A-E, D6-370D-E, D6-370I-E,
  • D6-400A-E,
  • D6-435D-A, D6-435D-D, D6-435D-C, D6-435D-E, D6-435I-A, D6-435I-C, D6-435I-D, D6-435I-E,

It is the buyers responsibility to check that this is correct part for your engine, drive unit or watercraft before ordering.

If you are unsure of the application, please enter the make, model & serial number information in the comments section of the checkout, or contact us.

*New and unused item. May be removed from original packaging for the purposes of photographing the item as shown. All electrical items will be packed in sealed plastic, returns only accepted if the item remains sealed.

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