Silverline Series

TALAMEX SILVERLINE: strong and robust

You want sporty sailing and enjoying a highly manoeuvrable boat with excellent sailing characteristics ? The Silverline Talamex RIB is your boat! Talamex Silverline Aluminium RIBs are manufactured from high grade 1100 decitex PVC fabric combined with a 3mm thick aluminium hull . The advantage of an aluminium hull in addition to the strength and stiffness of aluminium is also the low weight. This makes the boat very manoeuvrable , fast and manageable.

All aluminium RIBs features a bowlocker and have a flat floor which have been finished with anti slip patches. The special powder coating ensures a high - quality appearance and makes the hull almost maintenance free. The boats are equipped with telescopic paddles and a pressure relief valve. All boats will be given a 2 year warranty. All Talamex boats are CE certified by the Dutch Marine Inspection so that they meet all European requirements.

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Silverline Alu-Rib SLR290



Talamex Inflatable Boats

Silverline Alu-Rib SLR270



Talamex Inflatable Boats

Silverline Alu-Rib SLR310



Talamex Inflatable Boats

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The Talamex Silverline Rib is available in 4 different sizes, ranging from 270 cm till 350 cm. Of course, all with the quality you expect from Talamex.

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