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As a certified Mercury Marine dealer, we provide engine servicing and warranty back-up for all Mercury products.

We also have the skills and tools, including diagnostic support, for many other marine engine brands.

It is a requirement of the Mercury Marine 5-Year Warranty coverage, to have your outboard engine, inboard engine or sterndrive serviced annually. We recommend regular annual servicing & maintenance for all boats. If you have not used your boat much since the last service, or if you have just purchased a boat we offer a pre-season checkover service to help identify and advise on any issues before you get afloat.

Also, it is recommended for all Mercury Marine inboard engine and outboard engines to have a 20 hour or 3 month service from new. For a quote for your new engine, please contact us.

Come winter time, it is essential for all marine engines to be winterised. For an engine under the Mercury Marine 5-Year Warranty coverage, winterisation is a requirement. For all engines we offer winterisation and service packages. Please enquire for details between September and December.

Annual Service & Maintenance Price Guides

Inboard & Sterndrive Engines

Annual Service

4 cyl


V-8 up to 320hp

V-8 350hp & up





Pre-Season Checkover




Annual Service







Pre-Season Checkover



Outboard Engines

Annual Service

2-5 hp

6-10 hp

15-25 hp

30-40 hp

45-70 hp

75-95 hp

100-130 hp

135-250 hp

250-300 hp

300 hp +











Pre-Season Checkover








Prices quoted per engine. Prices shown as a guide only and include VAT, but exclude parts. The actual cost of a service depends on the age, condition and type of use. An estimated cost will be provided as part of the service. All service and maitenance work is subject to a minimum charge of one hour labour for inspection and estimation before repairs commence. All boats and engines are left on Splash Marine premises at the owner's risk and should be covered on the owner's insurance. For any advice or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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