Quickguard Diesel Fuel Treatment

Quickguard Diesel Fuel Treatment
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Quickguard marine diesel additive is the industry’s most complete multifunctional premium diesel additive with cetane improver. Diesel Guard Heavy Duty/Marine diesel additive upgrades typical No. 2 diesel fuel to a high cetane premium diesel. It is documented in fleet and laboratory tests to significantly improve engine performance, increase fuel economy, and reduce exhaust emissions. Typical applications include marine, and other heavy duty diesel applications.

Use of Quickguard Diesel Additive helps to:

• Stabilize fuel to prevent sludge

• Reduce smoke, exhaust emissions, and odor

• Provide thermal and storage stability

• Increase cetane up to 4 numbers

• Exceed L‑10 Superior injector cleanliness rating (10 CRC max)

• Clean up injector deposits

• Exceed OEM lubricity standards

• Prevent corrosion

• Prevent filter plugging

• Increase filter life

• Improve fuel economy up to 13.6%

• Demulsify water

Treats up to 946 Litres.

Priced individually, sold @ multiples of 6

946 mL (32 oz)

Quicksilver Branded

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